Customs clearance

Customs Clearance

   Customs Broker is the commercial establishment whose activities are to represent the Customer’s interests in the Customs House as well as to arrange Customs Clearance procedures of the goods and means of transportation on his behalf, but by the order of the Customer and on his account. Broker is a middle-man between the Shipper, the Consignee and the Forwarder on one side and the State in the face of Customs Authorities in the other side. On the agreement Broker may attend to other functions – procurement of the consent and approval documents, experts’ opinions, goods certification and Customs frees payments.

“Prime Maritime LTD.” provides the procedures as per cargo clearance as follows:
• Arranging the optimal schemes of Customs Clearance;
• Customs fees and payments calculations, HS Codes checking;
• Customs Declaration issue, preparing necessary documents;
• Clearance procedures pertaining the goods and arranging the inner-Customs transit at Southern Regional Customs House (Odessa and Illychevsk);
• Procurement of the consent and approval documents from the Certification Authorities, Health and Epidemiological Supervision as well as other documentation obligatory for the clearance procedures of the goods;
• Company incorporation as a member of the International Trade (accreditation)
• International Trade factor (agent): International Trade contract on your goods (contract of commission agency), currency transfer from our account;
• Placing goods in the licensed warehouses and bonded warehouses;
• Supervising and control over terms and conditions of timely entry of the cargo to the Customs terminals and arranging the corresponding Customs procedures.

Customs Clearance entrust to “Prime Maritime LTD” you entrust to professionals.

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