Rail transportation

Railway Transportation

   Railway transportation is one of the most secure and efficient type of delivery. Main directions nowadays are Russia, Belorussia, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan, States of the Baltic, East and West Europe, East and South-East Asia (including Japan, South and North Korea).
We made direct contracts with all necessary departments of Ukrzaliznycia, leading forwarders in the countries of CIS, Asia and Western Europe. We arrange deliveries through ferry crossings: Illychevsk - Poti, Illychevsk – Batumi, Illychevsk – Varna, Illychevsk – Derince.

“Prime Maritime LTD” provides the international railway transportations of the large off-gauge and over-weight equipment to any direction, as well as handling operations, arranging complex schemes of loading and cargo monitoring at any time of delivery.
We offer the railway transportation forwarding services as follows:
• Rail wagon loading calculations;
• Loading and handling operations using the special loading equipment;
• Fastening and unfastening the cargo on the covered cars, open wagons and rail platforms;
• Customs and other seals;
• Accompanying railway shipping documents;
• Payments and fees transfer obligatory for the car dispatch;
• Consulting as per arranging and documentation;
• Dispatch of the off-gauge, problematic or dangerous cargoes;
• Railway fees calculations;
• Customs declaring of the transit cargoes;
• Insurance if the sub-excise goods;
• Phyto-sanitary quarantine control procedures while transit Ukraine;
• Cargo security, including paramilitary security services;
• Dispatch, delivery process and arrival monitoring, including information about transshipments at the border terminals.
We are always ready to reconsider and calculate your requirements pertaining deliveries and provide you with the best quotations and abilities.

If you are interested in the cargo railway transportation, please, contact us:

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