Inland transportation

Inland Transportation

   Inland cargo transportation is the most convenient and highly-sought means of the cargo delivery; and its main advantage is rapidity and simple logistics procedure.
As sub-contractors we hire reliable and trustworthy forwarders. All drivers are equipped with mobile phones, many trucks are equipped with the means of GPS-Navigation system and are offered on the Customer’s requirement, and it allows monitor your cargo whereabouts at every point of delivery and supervise the process of transportation.

“Prime Maritime LTD” provides the procedures as follows:
• Inland transportation of the standard cargos, over-weight cargos, dangerous and off-gauge cargoes;
• Different means and types of on-land transportation are allowed: covered trucks, isothermal trucks, refrigerators, containers, container truck-trailers, off-gauge trucks, vans, open-top trucks etc.
• Transportation all over Ukraine as well as , CIS Countries and Europe;
• Logistics services all over Europe (loading, unloading, integration, marking, re-packaging, storage);
• Customs Clearance of the cargo (declaring as per EX 1, T 1, Carnet TIR, CMR etc.)
• Cargo monitoring on its way offering information about cargo’s whereabouts at any time of the transportation procedure;
• Security and accompanying.

We guarantee 100% safety of the cargo and timely delivery.

If you are interested in the cargo inland transportation, please, contact us:

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